Bodegas San Alejandro

Founded in 1962, it specializes in the production of Garnacha wines, the native variety of the Calatayud PDO. Its natural environment and extreme conditions give its vineyard, of more than 1,000 hectares, a natural advantage that enables the production of fresh, tasty and concentrated wines with the distinctive characteristics of Garnacha. Bodegas San Alejandro (BSA) is made up of a young, energetic team that exports to more than 45 countries around the world under a variety of brands, primarily Baltasar Gracián, Las Rocas, Vias de Miedes, Evodia, and M. de Nombrevilla. BSA is the reference winery of the Calatayud PDO, not only by volume but also by the awards and recognitions received in recent years.

It has currently become the winery in Aragon with the largest area of organic vineyards and has just received the European ECO-Prowine certification, which rates the environmental impact of its production procedures and designates it as a sustainable winery. They are proud to be the most awarded winery in the ‘Grenache du Monde’ competition and are the producers of the best-selling wines in several international markets.


Ctra. Calatayud-Cariñena, km 16,4
50330 Miedes de Aragón (Zaragoza)
Phone (+34) 976 892 205


Baltasar Gracián
Viñas de Miedes
Marque de Nombrevilla
Las Rocas