Bodegas Augusta Bílbilis

A small winery where around 20,000 Kg of grape are elaborated from the traditional variety, Garnacha, beginning a process which sees the recovery of very old vineyards between 45 and 100 years old, on poor soils that due to their low production yield were once condemned to disappear. A traditional mountain viticulture.

The winery is a traditional winery with few barrels and a rudimentary press and inox and concrete vats It is the use of gravity in the movement of the wine, employing for these lunar cycles that make the process stand out from the rest.

The temperature control in the cellar is natural, without the use of energy, the soaking being carried out at a depth of 15 meters below ground level.


Carramiedes, s/n.
50331 Mara (Zaragoza)
Phone (+34) 976 892 440